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    Well I got here a nice little script I would like to edit, but I have no idea yet how to do it.
    Here is the code:

    <script type="text/javascript">



    $("#home_content_bg").slideToggle( 'slow');



    $("#contact_content_bg").slideToggle( 'slow');


    Like... I have Home already opend and I want to open Contact, first I want Home to close and after Home closed I want to open Contact.
    Could somebody help me with this?

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    Easiest way, off the top of my head, is when they click on any nav, close everything, then open whatever they click on - by passing the ID probably. Just use the complete:function() to open whatever they click on. That way, it won't trigger until everything is done closing. Downside: if they are on 'home', then click 'home' again, 'home' will fade out then come back.

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