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Thread: Beginner webpage builder and need help!!!

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    Beginner webpage builder and need help!!!

    I need help on finding a webpage tool to add to my website that will make a "Member Login" Page. I am trying to build a page for my Gaming Community and the technical support on iPage.com wasn't very much help at all except to tell me that I can upload any tool onto my page and that they didn't offer such element as to make that sort of thing. Im about as lost as a fish out of water here and I appreciate any and all help on this subject and I appreciate your time for reading this and hopefully responding.. =/

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    I would suggest use Wordpress, it is too easy and it is SEO friendly too.

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    The biggest issues with login access are:
    1. You need a database back-end to store the usernames and passwords.
    2. The passwords should be encrypted.
    3. Search engines cannot access a member-only area, so cannot rate it. So, if possible, its better to allow anyone to view as much of the site as feasible, but limit their interaction.
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