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Thread: Effective methods of business promotion

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    Effective methods of business promotion


    I would like to know some effective methods of business promotion, if you know then please let me know.

    However, I'm bulling to outsource too, if you have had success with it in low price then please share.


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    Have you tried with social marketing?

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    Here are some effective ways of promoting business:

    Creation of Brand Image/Logo

    Expanding the professional network

    Advertisement and Promotions

    Trade shows, seminars and events

    Customer relationship management through interaction

    Internet promotion with articles and blogs on your services

    Press Releases

    Business website

    Listing business on renowned Business directories

    Business cards

    Hope this helps!
    Maneet Puri

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    I have tried social bookmarking, it is not too helpful, I would say...

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    The task of the marketing is very essential for best promotion of any business. For making this task easier and effective, we use different ways by using various techniques. There are many online websites providing new features as well as new ways of promoting for better promotion of the website. It would be a better way if we promote by using some techniques and by following simple tips includes creating professional marketing posters that combine templates, effects, best customization control and even real time montage capabilities. At the same time the platform should allow to advertise and promote your business, services, events or yourself all around the world.

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    Perform these white Hat SEO techniques:

    1. Create and write unique and fresh articles.
    2. Social bookmarking
    3. Article submission
    4. Blogging
    5. Blog Commenting
    6. Press Release
    7. Yahoo Answers
    8. Directory Submission
    9. Guest Posting
    10. Video Creation
    11. RSS Submission
    12. Social Media
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    In my opinion the best way to get in front of tons of potential clients it to go to a trade show. Bring a tangible item to pass out such as a USB. I did this a few years ago and it worked! I used http://www.nexcopy.com/usb-duplicator/ to make 20 USB's at a time to hand out. Its worth the small investment and networking is key!

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