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Thread: How to make menu as static element?

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    How to make menu as static element?

    I like to make menu as static option. How to set in the correct way?
    PHP Code:

    <ul id="topmenu" style="top: 0px; position: static;"
    PHP Code:
    element.style {
    position: static;

    Is this correct way inside css file or inside page style='' ''?
    Can be improved?

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    Static is the default option, so yes, it can be improved by simply not including it!
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    Keep your styles in your external stylesheet, this is the correct way to format it
    #topmenu { 
        position: static; 
        top: 0; 
    HTML Code:
    <ul id="topmenu">
    As position: static is the default positioning used for html elements then you don't need to specify it anyway and you also don't need the top: 0 unless you are positioning absolutely or relatively.

    If you want the menu to stay fixed when scrolling then you would use position: fixed; top: 0;

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    The correct way to do it is with fixed positioning. using position: fixed; as listed in the previous reply. Just remember that fixed positioning does not work in all browsers, in particular, Internet Explorere 8 and earlier does not recognize fixed positioning and this browser is still the most popular browser worldwide.

    If you want your code to be cross browser compliant I would recommend researching a jquery option to fixed positioning.
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