Hey guys,

My supervisor has been fixing the "Legal Terms" & "Contact Us" hyperlinks that go at the bottom of every page on one of our websites. We are using VEPLAN, a school management software, and he has tasked me with the url edits on each and every hyperlink since he is falling behind on the task.

Basically, the steps:
Click on 'side menu' to manage it. Go to menu edit. Click on each link ffor corresponding page of the menu list (there are A LOT). Edit the page. It is in "WYS/WIG Editor" instead of "HTML Editor" mode. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on "Legal Terms" text, click on "add hyperlink" icon, copy-paste the url into the field, click on "Contact Us" text, sopy-paste url into the field, save, update, update.... Repeat over & over on every page....

Is there a shortcut for this task? I'm very new to HTML (I work with hardware support & network management), but I even I swear that my boss is doing this the hard "novice" way. I'm assuming that there might be a more efficient way via HTML coding. Suggestions?