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Thread: Jquery lightbox help

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    Jquery lightbox help


    I'm trying to get some javascript to work from code within a fancybox and fullcalendar. The caendar code works great, its trying to store the date range thats the problem.

    Basically, once a user has selected a date range, id like a lightbox to show a confirm yes/no button, which then fires a ajax request to a php page. My JS is a bit rusty to say the least, any help to get this working would be much appreciated.

    Here is my code, I've commented where Im stuck:

                   // Call the function to handle the AJAX.
    // post to ajax page and display in lightbox
      function sendValue(str){
                $.post("ajax.php",{ sendValue: str },
    				 var fancyContent = ('<div class="header">Request sent</div>');
                    content: fancyContent
                }, "json");
    	$(document).ready(function() {
            var liveDate = new Date(); // current Date
    		var date = new Date();
    		var d = date.getDate();
    		var m = date.getMonth();
    		var y = date.getFullYear();
    		var calendar = $('#calendar').fullCalendar({
    		disableDragging: true,
    			header: {
    				left: 'prev,next today',
    				center: 'title',
    				right: 'year'
    			selectable: true,
    			selectHelper: true,
    			select: function(start, end, allDay) {
    			// disable booking dates in the past
    			  if (liveDate > start) {
              var fancyContent = ('<div class="header">Canot book dates in the past</div>');
                    content: fancyContent
    				return false;
                } else {
    			// get user to confirm selection, then use ajax post at top of code
    			 var fancyContent = ('<div class="header">Book the following days off</div>Start Time: </b></label>' + start + '<br>' + '<label><b>End Time: </b></label>' + end + '<br>' + '<label><a href="#" class="button">Yes</a><a class="button" href="#">No</a></div>');
                  content: fancyContent
    			//if ajax post successful then show booking on page
    				if (confirmed) {
    							title: title,
    							start: start,
    							end: end,
    							allDay: allDay
    						true // make the event "stick"
    				} // end of if
    				 } // end of else
    			editable: true,
    			events: 'json-events.php'
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