hi all,
Now I am not quite sure if an image slider would even be the proper term for what I need help with, so pardon me if it isn't. However, I am in desperate need of help. I need to be done with my course in a couple of weeks and still got three units to do. So, for my one unit I have to make a pure javascript image slider(no libraries or anything... the point is to just use plain javascript), yet I am completely confused on how to do this.

I gotta make a slider that will continuously change pictures and I also need to add an event for mouse over/mouse out so it freezes and then keeps going. It also needs previous and next button and or a form of navigating through the different ones without having to wait for it to show up. I tried using an array and a for loop to cycle through it, but then I realized I would be able to make it loop on for ever that way it will stop at "array.length". My main concerns are: setInterval(), how to loop through them, and do you create/remove image elements as you go or how do you do that? Any help would be awesome.

Thanks a lot in advance