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Thread: Business Idea Hiring

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    Business Idea Hiring

    I was going through a hobby of mine, and wanted to see if the domain name was available, and i happen to stumble across a premium domain name for it for only 10 bucks. I have a design Id like to have the thought and how it would look and run but I need someone to do it. It will require some programming with mostly designs which Im not a pro at. I have no interesting in paying someone tons of money for but would rather offer them 50% of the profit. Were could I go to find someone to do it?

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    I think, it would be hard to find any partner, anyway, you can check in partnership section of any forum as well.

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    The biggest thing is to get someone who is passionate about the business as much as you are. That, first off, will be difficult. If you cannot find someone, then you need to convince someone that it will make money. At that point, you need to make sure you find someone worth trusting. There are lots of good articles in the Partnership section if you do a brief search! Good luck!

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    I would say forums like this. Do you have a business plan? PRD? Project Requirements Document? Wireframes? etc. If not, you want to start there. You may need to put some investment of your own before you have someone else commit. I've seen this very successful with a number of my clients.

    For 90% of the people I talk to in my professional life you don't want to do 50/50 equity for a couple reasons:

    a) if you have a really good idea and you're not willing to commit the investment into it. then your idea is discounted whatever percentage you're willing to give up in equity share for someone to build it.

    There are exceptions that I've found. In some rare instances I've seen web development companies give up a percentage for equity, industry is 10% or less, and at most 15%. This is where the client is investing a ton of money, usually over 50K.

    b) as much as you might convince yourself the developer is invested in the success of your site because he or she is invested in the success. It's probably not that businesses core-competency. The successful web developer that will take this on, but would quickly realize they are stilled more as a developer and are unlikely to be a business minded individual like yourself with a knack for PHP coding on the site. It's most likely the other way around.

    I hope this helps.

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    The largest issue should be to obtain an individual that is excited in regards to the company up to that you are which to start are going to be challenging.

    If you fail to come across an individual and then you will want to encourage an individual that it will always make funds.

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