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Thread: scrollbar colour promblem

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    scrollbar colour promblem

    iam using css buttons on my web page with hover via a link related style sheet

    but on my page i use <!doctype html>

    ive tried to put scrollbar style on the page doesnt work because

    of doctype html tag

    any ideas

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    CSS styles for scrollbars are non-standard. Internet Explorer has long had it's own settings, and Webkit browsers (Chrome/Safari) support several -webkit properties. On the whole, it's generally considered to be a bad idea to style scrollbars, which is why it was never made part of the W3C standard. I'm not a fanatic on the subject, but I'd still strongly suggest that you only style scrollbars that are used for on-page elements and not the browser window scrollbars.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    I for one, never use styled Scrollbars.

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    You can only do is successfully in all browsers with JavaScript. I use this: http://www.hesido.com/web.php?page=customscrollbar

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