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Thread: Mono to Stereo conversion

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    Mono to Stereo conversion

    Does anyone know of any open source (freeware) software to convert Mono mp3 and wma file to TRUE Stereo?

    I have tried Audacity and when I try all I seem to get is 2 channel Mono.
    Is there a way of using Audacity to convert Mono to true stereo?

    All help much appreciated

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    You'll have a real tough time converting mono to true stereo because of the way the audio was originally recorded. Mono mixes all the audio into one channel.... the instrumental, the vocal, the various individual parts.... which in stereo are kept separate during the recording.. in essence, providing 2 separate recordings.
    So while it may be possible to strip out all the vocals for example and then play that part back at the same time as the instrumentals... producing a stereo effect, it will not match an original recording done in stereo.

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    Decide whether or not you would like to listen to 2 of identical channel or simply to listen to the one signal initiate of 1 speaker. If you would like one speaker, then you'll be able to connect the audio channel to at least one of the stereo inputs and leave the opposite open.

    Connect the mono supply to associate degree adapter that includes a single mono association on one finish and twin stereo output on the opposite finish. Connect 2 audio cables that match the adapter to every of the stereo outputs.

    Connect the 2 cables to the correct and left channels of the stereo electronic equipment. check the results by enjoying the stereo and checking every speaker for identical audio.

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