The main navigation menu on my index.php website is being generated using a "while loop" and generating the menue from a table in my MYSQL database and each menu choice is dymanically generated using php and refering to the "auto incremented" id from the MYSQL table.

For example, index.php?subject=1, and when the link is being clicked on, the <h2> heaer of each page is being dymanically generated using the $_GET super global and a mysql_fetch_array so that the menu name shows in the <h2> tag. For example. will show "Contacts", or "Our History".

The problem is when you look in the address bar of each browser it will just show the ugly index.php?subject=1 or index.php?subject=2 and so on. What I would like to happen is have the dynamically generated menu name show in the address bar instead for better SEO. (i.e. index.php/contact or index.php/our history).

In other words, I want that ugly ?=... stuff to be hidden and something more visually apealing show in the address bar. Can someone please help me with this?