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Thread: using CASE for sorting

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    Question using CASE for sorting

    i am using MYSQL and i would like to "SELECT' a table and sort according to a numerical value that i either get it from "column1" or "column2", so:

    ***if a number from column1 exist, then this number is used to be sorted, otherwise the number from column2 (which always exists) is the number used to be sorted***

    this is my current SQL statement:

    PHP Code:
    FROM table 
    WHERE regtime 
    ORDER BY regtime ASC 
    i think i should use "CASE" but what i can do now is only sort in "column1" first if column1 IS NOT NULL, THEN sort in "column2"

    i appreciate your help as this is already one of my last stages on my personal website

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    If it's a case of null or not null, you could do:
    SELECT *, IFNULL(column_1, column_2) AS sort_by_this
    FROM table_name . . . ORDER BY sort_by_this
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    awesome NogDog

    never know the "AS" can do the trick!

    thanks a million!

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