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Thread: Strange problem! Please HELP !!!

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    Exclamation Strange problem! Please HELP !!!

    Today i faced with a strange problem on my website...I used javascript function below to set name for main window, I use it for submitting forms from child windows into parent window.

    Here you can see example:

    and in forms:

    HTML Code:
    <form name='form' target='main' ...>
    It worked perfectly since today! Today it suddenly stoped working...! I mean form submits in a new pop-up window and browser blocks them (pop-up block)!

    I don't know what happened...I wonder ! And I can't find the problem...nothing is changed in my codes

    Help please I'm getting crazy!


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    Your problem isn't clear. Is the <form> in the main browser window or a pop-up window? It sounds like your pop-up blocker may have been changed or updated and is now blocking your new window, but I'd need to see more of your code.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    Forms are in pop-up. And must be submitted in parent window (that called 'main').

    It's not a pop-up blocker problem (all browsers block it).

    It seems javascript function (self.name) has stopped working.

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