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    Question Clever Links

    Hi...me again.

    Is there any way of making a link to a site which has the same name but is in a different folder without placing it on every single sub site I have.

    My website is in two languages and what I want to do is to place a link at the top to another version.

    let say it looks like that

    /news/01.html link to eng/news/01.html


    /eng/news/01.html link to /news/01.html

    I've got over 50 sub sites for each language so I don't want to sit here and make links manually.

    Probably it can't be done in HTML. but as I don't know how I'm placing it here cus my site is in HTML....mostly

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    Sarcasm? Hmm....what more can I say?
    One thing I forgot is that I'm using Dreamweaver so I've got a template and I can put the link on every page. I know it's not the best software, but I've found a way to work with it.

    Let say I'm on the /public/news/01.html

    I need something(script of some sort) to take the current path and put /eng in there.

    It would work like that:
    1. get path (public/news/XXX.html)
    2. put /eng after /public (public/eng/news/XXX.html)
    3. run result 'on-click' on text or pic (go to public/eng/news/XXX.html)

    Also another script to do it the other way around (remove the /eng from path).

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