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    Scan Another Site

    How does one exactly scan ones site and than populate it to another. Example would be if I wanted to show the current price of gold on one website who would I go about doing that?

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    I think that you will find that any important source of info like that will have mechanisms set up to prevent people from ripping off the data!!!

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    I'm not talking about ripping off their website. Economic value of our minerals is open source. Current gold/silver/copper etc is all open source data. Im just wondering how some website add that info totheir website. Like if this neckless was this much gold, its worth this much gold value wise, etc.

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    I think if one wants to show the data of precious goods like gold/silver/copper , then they can take the price listed on government sites or from other raliable sites.....

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    Contact that site, many sites and applications use government weather data.

    I think there would be a small fee, and most probably they would supply you with a key or password to access the data.

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