Alright, so I am looking to make a website to help out my girlfriend at her job. Essentially heres what I want the website to do allow her to create a sign-up list for people to ride buses. Different buses run at different times, So it would display a list of the buses running at each time and then let them choose a bus they want to ride…After that it would record their name, birthday and if they are bringing a date.

1. Allow a user (admin user?) to create an event
2. Determine how many rounds of buses and number of buses in each round from user input (admin user)
3. Determine the time of each bus round from user input (admin user)
4. Publish the sign up sheet where others can see it/sign up for buses
5. Allow riders to select a bus (after selection they will be prompted for information that would be stored in a table..Name, birthday, dates name, birthday) {public user}
6. Have the sign up close after a pre-determined amount of time ( a week)
7. Have the page delete itself after a pre-determined amount of time (week and a half?)
8. If possible, export to an excel file or google doc

I know this is kind of a lot to take in but im starting from square one. I know console application programming but never got into web development, So any advice or resources is greatly appreciated.

I am familiar with console applications but never have done any web applications before.
I am currently using KompoZer and have a website constructed but am having difficulty getting started
I am going to post this in the Java section as well as im not sure which section it may fall under.