If you look at the webpage in the link below, and you click on the "Reply to this post" button. An area with email replay options becomes visible, when you click the reply button again the reply options disappear. I have searched through the code AND the javascripts but I don't see the function that is toggling the reply option making them visible/not visible. I would post the page code but the code only seems to work when it is live on the CraigsList website, it does not work when I move it to another web server, even though I moved all the javascripts and re-coded the paths to the javascripts. I also tried, moving the htm and recoding the paths for the javascripts to the original Craigslist url. I understand how to do this with Javascript, I can write a javascript to do what the existing javascript is already doing. My question is not how to re-do what is already existing in the example page, my question is: How is this being done on the example page? Is it done with Javascript or jquery? Where is the code that is toggling the email replies visible/not visible?