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Thread: what is wrong with this?

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    Question what is wrong with this?

    Hello everybody
    Can somebody tell me what is wrong sith this code?
    Very new to JS and about to shoot myself.

    Simple script to pick values form several texboxes (named PMV[1], PMV[2], PMV[3] from form (TTTForm) and add them up and show them in another texbox with click of a button:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function Addup()
    var PMNUMBR = 3;
    var VTOTAL = 0 ;

    for (var i=1;i<=PMNUMBR;i++)
    VTOTAL = VTOTAL + parseFloat(document.TTTForm["PMV[i]"].value);

    here is the button;

    <input type=button onclick="Addup()" value="Calculate">

    here is the textbox:

    <input type=text name=TotalBox>
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