I'm typically a java developer but was asked to "tweak" an existing ASP application my organization has.
It's basically a small app that has the user fill out a form, and then I have a file sendmail.asp that constructs and send an email . If the sending of the email is successful I execute this line of code - Session("emailText") = message - and then redirect to printResults.asp.

I've got it running successfully on my local IIS server but when I deployed it to the remote host server I received the following error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime
error '800a01a8'
Object required: ''
/sub3/printResults.asp, line 21

My file printResults.asp is basically an HTML page with a single line of VB script code at line 21. That one line of code is <% Response.Write(Session.Contents("emailText")) %>. As I'm new to ASP I have no idea what the problem might be since it worked locally.

Any ideas would be of great help.