All of my JavaScript thus far has been as part of a webpage, but have been encouraged to create "tools" where text is provided to a function as a parm from "StdIn" and returned to a StdOut. This is part of the code I've seen:
function calculate(clip) {
  var seltab = new Array(), PosTab = new Array();
  var i, j, k, OutText = "", begChord = "", endChord = "";
  var cntNotes=0, begpnt, endpnt;
  var lines = new Array();
  lines = document.nwcform.OutputField.value.split("\n");
	there is no document object in CScript, so this need to be replaced with:
	lines = clip.split("\r\n");
	//var WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");  // Example of opening a window
    //WshShell.Popup("Hello from a popup");

  for (i=0; i < lines.length; i++) {
    if  (/Note.*Grace.+\:[#bn].+\^/.test(lines[i])) {  // Thanks to Declan1991 of for help here.
      begpnt = lines[i].search(/[#bn]-*\d+/);
	  endpnt = lines[i].search(/\^/);
	  seltab[cntNotes++] = lines[i].substr(begpnt, endpnt-begpnt);
........................ snip for brevity...........................	/*
	Again, there is no document. This not needed:
   document.nwcform.OutputField.value = "" //To rebuild textarea
   for (i = 0 ; i < lines.length; i++) {
     document.nwcform.OutputField.value += lines[i];
     if ((cntNotes - i) > 1)
       document.nwcform.OutputField.value += "\n";
   };   //Pre selected for Cntl/C
	return lines;
}   //End of function
Execution begins here:
WScript.StdErr.Write("An error message would go here");   // and the calling program showed it to me.
My questions are 1) How to set a program code or error code if there is a major problem? 2) How to look at answers to prompts on startup? 3) A good resource for WScript programs.