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Thread: How to make text banner visible in the video

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    How to make text banner visible in the video


    I will like to ask how am I going to make a text banner visible in the video without touching the video? I am suppose to code it out using either javascript or html.

    Can anyone please guide me?


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    Please provide more information... in great detail... for example... is this a Web video? displayed in a Web browser? what type of video (.flv, .mp4, coming from Youtube), What type of text banner? static? scrolling? dispalyed on a layer above the video? or actually a part of the video? such as using a Flash cue point to display text. What do you mean "without touching the video"?
    These are just some of the more details we need. Please provide full and complete details... including what you think the options are.
    best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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