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Thread: A challenge for the beginner - add target blank for external links by JS.

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    Smile A challenge for the beginner - add target blank for external links by JS.

    I'm not good in JS, but I need to implement simple solution for my website. Website contains a lot of articles with this different links type:

    1. Internal links
    2. External links
    3. External links with target="_blank"
    4. External links without target="_blank"
    5. Some other JS scripts that manipulate a="#" links.

    My task is add JS script that will be open all external links in a new tab. I already try some code, that check if current link is not equal current website than open it on a new tab. But it's broke links N5, because this code t"think" that # is not equal current website url.

    Somewhere I saw great and simple solution for that, in few lines of code, but lost this link and can't find again. Please help me…

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    A simple script (not tested)

    var links=document.getElementsByTagName('a');
    for (var l=links.length,i=0;i<l;i++){
        if (/^(href|ftp)/.test(links|i])) {// external links
            if (links[i].target=='_blank') {// with target=='_blank' 
            else {// without target=='_blank'
        else if (/^#/.test(links|i])) {// some JS link
        else {// internal links

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