Hello Community,

I have been working on developing a PHPFox site and I need some advice for how to get some custom work accomplished.

I can handle making all of the AdminCP adjustments, but I believe I need a capable developer in order to make a few changes to the framework of PHPFox.

I need to keep the website entirely anonymous for users. I can handle the elimination of names and profile pages, but I cannot remove the "Posted by" username display in the marketplace. This is required for my site design.

I also need to create a Private Messaging system for registered site users that is anonymous (does not reveal sender/recipient to users) but allows users to send a message by clicking a button on a marketplace listing and respond by clicking a button in a received message. The system must also have administrative approval for each message to ensure anonymity is upheld by users.

Lastly, since the users will not have a home page, I need someone to help put a landing page in place as the default home page. I will create the page myself. I would also like to create a landing page with a form on it for first time users, that repeat users can circumvent using a cookie. I understand how to create both the pages and the cookie, I just need someone's help to get the code for the pages in the right places.

Any suggestions of reliable developers you have worked with or possible solutions to these issues would be much appreciated.