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Thread: Making copies of website - What needs to change

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    Making copies of website - What needs to change

    Hi there

    I have a website template that I have up and fully working an ecommerce store, aspx on the front with MSSQL on the database.

    I have made a full copy of the site, uploaded a new version of the database (with new db name, password, user) and then changed the web config file. No joy, site shows error 500.

    Can anyone advise if I am missing changing something?


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    Check whether you have configurated default document like index.aspx in IIS, Also check the .Net version .

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    Hi there, thanks for the reply.

    I have checked the version of ASP and that is fine (4. something), did this using Plesk.

    Not too sure how to set up the default page in ISS, didnt think I did it with my other site.

    Sorry if this is a very uninformed reply but I have just gotten by on learning what I need to know as and when. If you feel you need to point me in the direction of any topics that I need to read up on in order to launch new websites quickly from the template then please feel free to do so.

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    You can't make two copy of any website content and design should be Uniqe...

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