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Thread: php list images in directory

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    php list images in directory


    I am new in programming.
    I would appreciate some help.

    I have a folder in my site where I save all images from snagit.
    But instead of seeing file names, I would like to see the images themselves with the last ones uploaded on top.

    Could you modify the file?

    HTML Code:
        if ($handle = opendir('.')) {
        while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle)))
            if ($file != "." && $file != "..")
                $thelist .= '<LI>
    			<a href="'.$file.'">'.$file.'</a>';
    <P>List of files:</p>

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    I would use glob() to get an array of all the image files, then use usort() in combination with file_mtime() to sort them by date, then finally do a foreach() loop on the sorted array for the HTML output, creating <img> tags instead of <a> tags (or wrapped by the <a> tags if you want the images to be links, too).
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