I am looking into a project where by a traditional small store selling hard to find and older 80s (classic films) dvd and bluray films is closing down and moving online, the current market and rent prices mean the store is just not viable but the owner believes he can still sell online from his home.

I am used to static sites and wordpress but this project will involve html, css and php and mysql from scratch it is only a project but I am treating it as if it where real life so am looking at issues regarding moving to an e-business so any tips or links helping would be appreciated from members who have dealt with setting up this kind of project. My issue is do I attempt to code a shopping cart and admin area from scratch or use an open source cart, I have looked at some of the carts available and some reviews where people say they can be difficult to implement especially for new users like me so any links to tutorials or advice is what I am looking for as it seems the cart is what I should be looking at to ensure it fits in with the design I come up with along with the database.

so I really need
1. A simple to integrate cart that can be modified to fit in with the sites css
2. A simple admin area
3. Any tips from the experts who have gone through this process
4. I am just a beginner at php but have the time and interest to learn it is more the process I am interested in for now

Sorry for the long winded post and it is just a project but I am looking at all the pitfalls or attempting to even to the point of researching using film trailers on the site (I emailed a few large companies but they must be busy )

Thanks j