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Thread: Constructive Critiscim Please

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    Dec 2012

    Constructive Critiscim Please

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum, semi-new to webdevelopment, and a rookie at marketing.

    I'm here to ask for your input and criticisms on my page I just created within this week. I have been frantically trying to get everything put together and make it look semi decent.

    The truth is, I used to do webdevelopment as a kid when I was around 9-11. I am 22 now and I just got back into it.
    The point I am trying to get across is I am looking for colleagues to assist me in this process, and in return, I am currently a first year student in Business and I am starting to look into online marketing. So help me learn this broad spectrum, from webdev to design, to seo and advertisement.

    Thanks guys I really appreciate it!

    oh yeah my website I'd like for you to review.

    HTML Code:

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    Oct 2012
    Body looks good, bit long on the scroll.

    Heading Banner could do with some photoshop work.

    Pretty nice you just need to get your headings sorted.


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    Dec 2012

    I am still new but I thought having everything on one page and then categorize it off but i should have just have a home page for updates and misc. thanks again for the tips

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    Dec 2012
    ok guys,
    how about now?


    I know that my website has those text boxes at the bottom of the page. how do i get rid of it? its on wordpress

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    Nov 2012
    Why are you not using FB icon?

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