Okay guys, please help me deal with my ignorance. I'm trying to do something that so ridiculously common on the internet but I've spent all my time learning PHP and dont know hardly any javascript. I'm trying to create the affect of having text automatically appear in a form field and then have the text disappear as soon as a user focuses on it.

I'm going to be using this technique on lots of different form fields and the text that would appear would say different things so I decided to create functions that accept a parameter.

I did one function for "onfocus" which would make the text disappear and another on for "onblur" and then in the HTML I have the value equal to the text that would disapper then reappear and the parameter being passed to each function is idental to the value of the form field. Here's the code I have in my extermal js file.

function fieldnoshow(words) {
	if(this.value == '" + words + "'){this.value = '';}
function fieldshow(words) {
	if(this.value == '') {this.value = '" + words + "';
I also tried returning the values but that didn't work either. Can someone help me out?...Please?