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Thread: How to promote my website on facebook

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    Build your fan page, add more friends, comments in interesting posts and share your pages.

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    Determine your audience
    Create a Fan Page for your website
    Create a Welcome Tab to greet new visitors
    Spread the word about your Page
    One of the greatest aspects of Facebook is its ability to connect your page to users.

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    Facebook is the most popular and wide networking site.
    To promote your site there and get traffic, increase fan network on Facebook, share interesting updates and get more followers.

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    HI there,
    you have create a page on facebook.
    and add every thing what you got for your business and sevices.
    and get as much as likes for the created page.

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    firstly you create your profile and make certain it's entire. Also build a business page.
    Start posting on your partition in Facebook, and on your personal and business profile sheets in LinkedIn. Your mails should be about industry report and events associated to your sector, not about your business. The "lifetime" of a post on Facebook is generally a day or less. The "lifetime" of a post on LinkedIn is 2-3 days.
    Find thought managers in your commerce. Start commenting on their posts.
    inquire thought leadera to accept your friend request (Facebook) or attach with you (LinkedIn). About 10-20% of them will.
    To conceive the most commitment, post things that are short and post them at times you believe your followers/fans are online.
    (Facebook) Start inquiring questions on your wall. These inquiries should be associated to your commerce. By inquiring inquiries, you'll glimpse more engagement from your "target friends."
    (LinkedIn) connect assemblies associated to your commerce AND assemblies that assist your targeted prospects. Add to ongoing conversations in these assemblies, and start your own dialogues. Be certain to use a "grabber headline" that is not salesy

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