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Thread: Need to find the modified data and time stamp of a file

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    Need to find the modified data and time stamp of a file

    Hello All ,

    I need to find out the modified data and time stamp of a file present on a particular folder.

    say for instance the file is present some where on the folder path "C:\myWork\ServerWorkspace\test.txt

    I need to retrive the last modification date and time stamp.

    I surfed thru the net all that I found was "document.lastModified" is what used and was not really helping me out.

    Is this really doable using Javascript ? by accessing the file path and getting the file modifiaction timae and date.

    can any one please assist on this.

    Thanks in advance


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    I don't think you can do this only with javascript due to the security limitations placed the javascript engines in most browsers.

    You could use javascript to make an ajax call to a server-side script (php/.Net/java) which reads the relevant file attributes and then returns the information as a JSON or xml response.

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    Thanks mate ! for helping me understand the potential flaw of carrying out this approach , I wll try to get this implemented with Java

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