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Thread: Suggestions and Criticism

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    Suggestions and Criticism


    New to the forum. This website was my first attempt at HTML/PHP... Have background in C/C++ but no html. Let me know how I did, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I thought it was an over-all decent site - excellent for a first attempt. Clear and simple. Maybe the color is a bit bland and I don't care for the scrolling images on the lower left home page - maybe a stationary fade in/out slideshow or just display [if there are just a few] so they can be seen in one glance. Users are not going to stare and enjoy the show. Just me - I'm not fond of web site motion. Good job. You have a future.

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    Nice site, pointless scrolling but at least vertical scrolling is different. My only other comment would be that the following extract jarred my sensibilities:

    "Language is the quintessential communicative medium, allowing people, cultures and nations to share in the collective knowledge of the world. We believe that XBRL reporting is no different in that regard; more and more, businesses need..."

    I would simplify it to:

    "Language allows people, cultures..." and "...in that regard. More and more, businesses need..."

    or some such.

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    Page size is wide, in browser it is not fitting, you can think of this as well.

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