i need help creating a javascript with tables and colors.Your HTML file should have a form in it that allows the user to specify:
the number of rows in the table (from 1 10)
the number of columns in the table (from 1 6)
the selection of different colors to use
the bottom of the range of random numbers (must be an integer greater than zero)
the top of the range of random numbers (must be an integer less than or equal to 100)
the position of the table
Numeric fields should be checked to make sure that the user specified a correct value.
The selection of colors should be a checkbox for black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. If a checkbox is checked, that color should be used. At least one box must be checked.
The position should be a radio button for left, center (the default) or right.
When the user has made a valid selection, you should create a table with the appropriate number of rows and columns, positioned in the selected position, below the form. Each cell in the table should have one of the chosen colors, selected at random. Each cell should contain a random number from the range specified.