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Thread: Question about PHPEdit internal server

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    Question about PHPEdit internal server

    I tried to post this question on PHPEdit forum, but it is not allowing me to do so for whatever reason. Thats why I am putting this question here. I am sure experts heer will have an idea, what I am asking about.
    I am using phpEdit editor to test some basic pHp codes. When I am trying to run the code, I am getting an error as follows
    "The internal server doesn't seem to be active. please check following error message:
    Using this server requires specific privileges granted by an administrator.
    An error occured trying to request the test file (http://localhost:5111/C:/Users/Manis...XDEBUG_PROFILE) on the server:
    Unable to connect to remote server.
    Please make sure server is active and accessible from your machine"
    Now I am running this script as an administrator.
    I dont see any service running for PHPEdit or WaterProof in service manager of Windows 7. So how can I check whether internal server is active or not ?
    Please provide possible solutions. Please dont suggest one by one option as it takes lot of postings and few days to resolve the issue.

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