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Thread: need experience in web development

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    need experience in web development


    I am looking to create a website for someone for free to gain experience.
    All you will need is the domain name and host server/ftp and any graphics you would like on the site.

    If you are interested please email me at tim_odwyer@hotmail.co.uk

    remember i will not charge anything as im trying to gain experience.

    first person to reply only!!


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    You can go to your local area small company they give you chance to make a website and also if you perform better they also hire to you.

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    A web development company brings in lot of expertise into the area of web development and lets an organization focus on its core competency areas of operation and thereby saving lot of time and money in the process. Web Development in India is on the rise and there are many experienced and professional companies providing efficient services.

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    Where are you located. I am looking to start up a website for a small local business in Southern California. If interested we could partner up and you would get great website building experience. I have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JAVA but not enough to do it myself. Let me know! -Zac

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