I'm sure there is an easy solution, but I am missing it at the moment. Basicly I want to have three or four different divs that put their top location based on the bottom of the last div. So if someone resized the window and made it less wide then the top div would become taller and so the div below would need to move down some. I tried

  function Resize()
    var TextDiv = document.getElementById("text");
    var LinkDiv = document.getElementById("stringlink");
    LinkDiv.style.top = TextDiv.style.bottom;
    // I also tried
    LinkDiv.sytle.top = TextDiv.style.top + TextDiv.style.height;
  window.onload = Resize();
  window.onresize = Resize();
The only time it works is if I specifically give bottom or height a number value and not a % value, but I want all the divs to have % values so that they can adjust based on the size of the screen the user is using and not based on the size of the screen I tested it on.

Any tips?
Thanks again for your time.