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Thread: Nofollow and dofollow links

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    Nofollow and dofollow links

    Well, if you are doing link building then you should use both, nofollow and dofollow sites as we need natural links and these would make natural links for your site.

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    yes i agree with you. actually what we're doing for our link building is to have this ratio 45% to 65% of dofollow nofollow links. then 35% to 65% of keyword citation and link dropping... do you think this is an effective strategy for our site? we're developing services for web, any suggestion?

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    Nofollow refers to a link attribute that allows website owners to tell search engines that a particular link does not confer credit to the target site. The site is crawled but not indexed in google's index.While it's a no follow link you cannot get the link juice.
    Do-Follow link has a great value to all search engines and to increase Google page rank o-follow links are very helpful. If you want see your site in the first page of search engine then you must increase do-follow links.If its a dofollow link crawler can crawl that link and some link juice can be passed.

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