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Thread: ALL my landing pages are 404 error's from URL's no-one knows about!

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    Post ALL my landing pages are 404 error's from URL's no-one knows about!

    Hello All,

    I have what i believe to be 2 core issues:

    1) I've recently joined a new business and i am in the process of looking through their website and data on GA.

    Recently the business has had a redesign and moved to the Text Pattern CMS from Wordpress. The domain has stayed the same however, in GA all landing pages are showing a 404 status code from a completely different URL - one in which no-one is familiar with.

    2) I decided to check 'referrals' in 'acquisition' to try and find context (on the above) and found that our actual domain was driving the highest amount of sessions, then came spam links, third was referrals from social media and the rest are from normal sites who have back linked to our website.

    The above leads me to believe:

    1) Our internal linking must need looking at if we are our own top referral source.
    2) Social sites/shared content needs checking to ensure all links are up-to-date and referring to correct traffic.
    3) A disavowing plan will need to take place for spammy links as well as filtering these out on GA when reporting on data.

    However, i still feel like there is something i am missing regarding the unusual URL's for these landing pages that people seem to know nothing about. Does anyone have insight into this?

    Many thanks,

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    404 error appears when your site no longer exist, so I suggest you to check your host immediately

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    Fixing a 404 Error on Your Website

    If you’ve found or been alerted to a 404 error on your company website, you’ll want to fix it right away. You can do that by finding the source of the mistyped link and editing that, or by putting a 301 redirect in place. A 301 redirect will simply take the incorrect link and direct it toward the correct web address of your choosing.

    If you are changing a URL on your website, deleting a page, or moving a page to different part of the site, a 301 redirect MUST be put in place. If people have bookmarked that page or linked to it from another website, not putting a redirect in place could result in lost customers. It’s important to take the time to make sure they get to the right place.

    Another reason a 301 redirect should be put in place when a page is moved or changed is because link equity is involved. If Google has assigned a certain amount of link equity on that page, the equity will be passed along with the redirect.
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