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Thread: Regarding LAMP Course

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    Question Regarding LAMP Course

    Hello Friends,

    I am Robert from India and I am 26 years old. I am basically a computer engineer and entrepreneur. My aim is to excel in web technologies and work on requirements of global employers. Please suggest me, completing a course on LAMP and gaining practical knowledge would help me to reach international clients and get job opportunity because I am already 26 now. I heard that course duration is of 3 months and being a professional degree graduate I can adapt easily and excel in what I am doing. So, please help me to get clear idea on doing LAMP course would be fruitful to me or not if I am seeking job opportunity in international companies.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I dont know of a single course to encompass all the technologies...my associates focus was in web technologies from the commuinity college here, but that is kind of generic encompassing many different languages, databases, etc.

    So to become educated specifically in LAMP you may want to do your own track. This is how I learned:

    LINUX: The college here is RedHat Academy, I took several courses then supplemented that and then became certified (RHCSA)...I reccommend RedHat based distros since you mention "international" and RedHat is the largest in the US, and I like the simple yet secure server platform setup out of the box.

    APACHE: Basics are covered in the redhat training and certifications, beyond that there is a lot of info online.

    MYSQL: The schools around here are focused on MSSql or Oracle which is good for the concepts but you need supplemental training in MYSQL, which Oracle now offers courses in or you can enroll in an online course.

    PHP: Again, not very much offered in schools but I had a background in perl, C++ and Basic so subscribing to online courses through Lynda.com and other places was very beneficial.
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    Hope! You are going to do good one.Every Programming Language has basic things to learn, need not to worry about that.
    LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) platform is a successful alternative to commercial software for building and operating dynamic and high performance web systems. PHP has become one of the major players on the web development market in the last few years.

    View Source - http://www.openwavecomp.com/php_web_development.html

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    You are opting for perfect course. LAMP is a stack of free and open source software. LAMP is used to run dynamic websites and servers and is an adequate alternative to commercial packages. Because of its flexibility, customization and cost effectiveness, LAMP is one of the most popular ways to develop enterprise level web applications.
    There are various institutes that provides LAMP Course. Koenig-Solutions is good institutes that provides training for various IT certifications. I would suggest you to just go for it.

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