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Thread: Text Editing Without Dreamweaver

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    Text Editing Without Dreamweaver

    I am responsible for making simple text edits on a non-profit's website. I own Dreamweaver, with which the site was created. However I will be away from the PC on which Dreamweaver is installed for a few days. Is there another way I can safely make edits to the page? I will have access to a Macbook and a Windows 7 PC. Our site is hosted by Network Solutions. Thanks for any help.

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    I've never used Dreamweaver but looking at a tutorial quickly they have text files. If you host the Dreamweaver files on a web sever just get the HTML open it in Notepad++ and edit the pre existing text. Save it as the same file type as what you downloaded and upload the new file.

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    Dreamweaver produces standard HTML files, they can be edited in any text editor, just like in code view. The problem is not that. It's whether you have a development area set up, and an update procedure for testing changes before putting them live? If you directly edit the live files, you could seriously damage the site, even with Dreamweaver.

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    Oops, double post.

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