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Thread: .live() jQuery question

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    Lightbulb .live() jQuery question

    If i have another page that I want to use these events... how do i change this script into a .live script??

    					$('#number').bind('keyup change focus', function(){
    							var field = this;
    							timer = setTimeout(function(){runSearch(field);}, 444);});						
    					//url selection by specifics				
    				$('#phone_book tr').data('bgcolor', '#aaf').hover(function(){
       					 var $this = $(this);
        				 var newBgc = $(this).data('bgcolor');
        			$(this).data('bgcolor', $(this).css('background-color')).css('background-color', newBgc);
      					//url selection by specifics  
    					$("#phone_book tr").click(function(){
    							var id = $(this).children().first().html();
    							var type = $(this).parents('table').siblings('div.module_header').html().toLowerCase();
    I thought I could just change $(document).ready(function() ...to.... $(document).live(function() as well as .keydown and .data to .live but i can't seem to get it to work... help please.

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