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Thread: Website Idea - Advice appreciated!

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    Website Idea - Advice appreciated!

    First off, thank you for reading! I have a website idea and due to my noobness, I dont know how difficult/time consuming it will be to create.

    The website will have a rankings board as the focal part of the website. I will need users to be able to join the site and make decisions that will update into the rankings board.

    Could someone tell me what I would need to learn to be able to do this? Or is this something I would need to pay to have done? I have Visual Studio 12' and Windows Server. Just starting to delve into the programming world.

    Major beginner. So, if you have ANY advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    From what you say, it could be done with PHP, possibly without a database behind it, if there are few enough users. For scores of users or more, you will need to use MySQL as well. However, learning PHP and MySQL is not a trivial exercise.

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    Is there any solution to use CMS like Wordpress, Joomla etc. to create any type of site?

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