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Thread: Need help starting web developing

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    Cool Need help starting web developing

    Hey guys!

    I'm just new to this site, and also new for web developing.
    2 months ago I started coding my first lines php, this with some help of my site developer.
    He left a day ago cause he don't got time for developing anymore.
    So I want to start developing my site by myself, I want to start coding php.
    I already know:
    • How to use variables
    • How to connect to a database
    • How to echo things

    Please don't tell something like "use google", I've got much apprecations if you tell me something like: "Make excercises of variables till you know it 100 percently, and try then to use other things"
    I think you know what I mean.

    Anyways sorry for my English I'm just a kid of 13 and don't get English on school.
    If you want to give me any lessons, you can get 40 euros on paypal.

    PHP dummie

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    There's tutorials that walk you through every step of PHP for free.
    Try making an HTML site and just use some of the PHP features for a login in system and mabye an simple email system as these are simple to do.
    There's also some great PHP youtube videos.

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    Welcome, sounds like you're off to a great start.

    i would start by looking at "homework" style questions and seeing if you can answer them yourselves; they don't even have to be php based questions.

    Here are some good links:


    hard ones

    Try searching for these kinds of questions; "write a program that...". look for example questions that teachers give out and see if you can solve them.

    good luck and have fun!

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    i can help you and teach you

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    your artice is fine ,thinks!

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