hi all,

I'm trying to capture the whole body content of the DOM on a goog results page (typed in manually from the program) but I couldn't find a property for *all* the body content. So I tried to get the data I needed by using both the properties via the title of this post. But the data is split between both.

Here is the URL: http://www.google.com/search?complet...a+iowa+city+ia

the data in the body that I want is: <br><nobr>(319) 335-3500

but the properties per the title apparently treat "<br><nobr>" as innerHTML and the number as innerText. Makes good sense, but due to this I can't use the string functions to extract the number and do the comparisons required.

any help? ideas? there a property to get all content inside the body, regardless of the type of content??

thanks! (and no, this is not a spam attempt. The numbers are already in a database, the program is just comparing the 411-type result listing that google returns to what is already in field 'X').