I'm building a WordPress site for a client who has thrown me a curve. They have about 50 documents that they would like to have uploaded to the server and retrievable by users with restricted access. They would like to be able to do the following:

  • Categorize documents by several different classifications (i.e. age, gender, complaint type, etc.)
  • Search the documents by keyword
  • From that list, select multiple documents for download at one time
  • Continue adding new documents to the site.

They need to be able to administer the site themselves, which means there has to be a decent user-friendly interface for adding new documents to the system.

When I agreed to this job it sounded like they needed nothing beyond a list of linkable document titles in a secure folder listed on a page. Now I'm looking at a much more sophisticated document management task, and I'd like to be able to deliver something to them that meets their needs and won't be a budgetary disaster, if at all possible.

I've looked at numerous solutions both within the Word Press realm and outside of it, but nothing seems to meet all my requirements. Do I need to just tell them it can't be done within their budget, or do you have any suggestions for me? I realize that sometimes clients ask for things that aren't realistic, but I'd like to deliver, if possible, as this is a high profile client that could lead to a lot more work, and I'm learning a lot with this project.

Thanks much for any help you can offer!