Let me start by explain what I want to accomplish.

I want to create a page that shows all the work I have done, each represented by one image. The page has infinite scroll, so if a visitor reaches the end of the page, older work will be added automatically at the end of the page. If the visitor clicks on an image, a shadowbox will open. In this shadowbox, lots of things can be show. For instance, an image gallery with images of this work, but also an YouTube movie if available. Of course, text will also be there. Because this work list will be very large, and not all the work will be loaded if the visitor reaches the page, the content of the shadowbox must be loaded via an Ajax call. The catch, it must be possible to bookmark a shadowbox with specific work viewed. This means that clicking an image, the work shadowbox must open, and something must be added to the url. Almost forgotten, the shadowbox needs a prev and next button, reloaded after every view. This is because there is more work to be shown, then the last one on the page. And all this without reloading the page....

And now we get to my problem, does somebody know if this shadowbox is available, open source or for buy?

- shadowbox triggered by selecting image.
- Without reloading the page, some identifier must be added to the URL for bookmarking the shadowbox with this particular content.
- If this bookmark is clikked in the browser, shadowbox must open with the right content.
- Content of shadowbox loaded via Ajax.
- Prev/Next buttons also loaded via Ajax.
- Allt his without reloading the page.

Hmm, does this sounds a bit like rocket science?