Let's say I have this string:

HTML Code:
    <div>john doe is nice guy btw 8240 E marblehead way 92808 is also</div>
or this string:
HTML Code:
    <div>sky being blue? in the world is true? 123 Main St., apt c420 Anywhere, USA 12345 jackfroast nipping on the firehead</div>
How would I go about parsing a string similar to the one of the strings above, extracting the address and document.write-ing the address? Would this involve some sort of regex code?

I've tried looking online for a solution using jQuery/Javascript, but to no avail.
And no other post here (as far as I know) provides a solution that uses jQuery and/or Javascript.

Can somebody point me in the right direction? How would I go about accomplishing this in jQuery/JavaScript?

Thank you in advance