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Thread: Help in creating a newyear countdown page.

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    Smile Help in creating a newyear countdown page.

    I'm Aysar here. Well our company is thinking of creating a new year countdown page for the customers wifi login page. I've been trying to do a text count down timer page but yet no success at all. I got the scripts and html's from timeanddate.com/counters

    and I've been trying to edit them and upload to the server. But i cant see the countdown timer is working. i mean the countdown clock, its not moving automatically as it is in the original website. I guess you know what i"m trying to say right? Can anyone please help me with this and get the countdown timer up and running before the new year starts hehe. Anyways I've attached the files withing a zip in this thread. you can download and have a look at it .

    Thank you guys. I really appreciate your help.


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    From the timeanddate website HTML, it looks like an iframe. So it is server based. There should be nothing that needs to be changed.

    Check if you are connected to the internet during the test.

    Also check if your webhost allows iframe.

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    I can help you if you agree use my code (now i don't want fix you script, easier create new one)

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    P.S. You even can download it from here http://piefoundry.com/javascript-cou...mas-countdown/

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