As many of you might know in modern browsers there is support for "User Scripts". In Opera for example Opera --> Settings --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Content --> JavaScript Options

In other words, you can write your own javascripts, save it locally and add it to sites you open from the web.

What I want is to bypass those click-tracking redirects in the Google search results and found literally tons of scripts on userscripts.org that claim to serve that purpose. However, none of these actually work in Opera browser. After experimenting for about an hour I found that actually even the most simple script isn't working on google.com domains!

For example, this simple script brings up the alert box on yahoo.com, facebook.com, digg.com... etc but does not work on google.com

PHP Code:
(function () 

alert('Testing success!'); 
So once again, in Opera --> Settings --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Content --> JavaScript Options I set the "User Script" folder and in that folder there there are my .js files working whichever domain I open except google.com

Anybody knows what's going on here?