Hello everybody!

I'm a complete newb at javascript and i've searched the internet to come up with a solution but nothing worked.
I'm using the snowstorm javascript from http://www.schillmania.com/projects/snowstorm/. He creates a environment where it's snowing on your webpage. I like this, but it might be annoying to my website users.

What i want to do is to have a button on my website to start and stop the snow. So far i found a button to stop it:
<a href="#" onclick="snowStorm.stop();return false">Stop Snowing</a>
Besides this i'm in search for a 'start' snowing button. I have no idea wether this is close to the code above.

So what i need too is a way to be able to have the page load without snowing right away. I thought i had found a solution in
this.autoStart = false;
but this didn't happen.

How can i make a 'start snowing button'? How can i have it standard non-snowing?

Thank you very much for reading.
Kind regards,
Jonas Pijnenburg