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Thread: DHTML Menu Problems in Win2k??

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    DHTML Menu Problems in Win2k??

    I have encountered a display problem with a DHTML navigation menu I'm using on a web site. It displays fine in all Windows versions, except that one Win2000 user I have been testing with reports that OS is "cutting off" words in many of the first and second-level menu items. The fix to his display problem is to increase the pixel width of each menu item allowing more of the words to show up on his screen. However, I'm having to increase the overall menu width so much that it is growing too long for other OS users at lower screen resolutions (it is a horizontal menu). A few other Win2k users have taken a look at my test pages and report that they see everyting just fine, so I suspect that there may be a unique problem with the one user's system causing the display problem. He's using IE6.

    If you are a Win2k OS user and would be willing to take a look at my test pages for appearance (missing characters, words 'cut-off', etc), I would appreciate any feedback, or any insight as to what the problem could be.

    The links to my test pages (with what the menu items should look like) are:


    -About Stockworks-
    -Lamination Process
    -Mel Smart Memorial
    -Precision-Fit Stocks-
    -Action List
    -Wood Blanks-
    -About Our Blanks
    -Select Inventory
    -Page One
    -Page Two
    -Page Three
    -Products & Services
    -Stocks For Sale
    -Finished Stocks
    -What's New-


    -Serengeti Rifles-
    -Serengeti Stockworks-
    -Serengeti Adventures-
    -What's New-


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    Check to see if IE is manipulating the text size. Go to View>Text Size. Chances are if it's larger than "medium" that's your problem. No real work around unless you use CSS to manually specify the text size at an absolute value...but if you're planning on opening this site to the general public you shouldn't do that as it descrimanates against those with vision problems.

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    Thanks, but I found another work-around. The DHTML menu I'm using allows images (as well as rollover images), so I made .gif images for each top-level menu item in Photoshop. Works pretty slick, and took care of my display problem with NT and Win2k.

    Anyone interested can view the live site at http://www.serengetitradingco.com . Just a basic small business site without a lot of 'bells and whistles.'

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